ISO-27001 Pathways: 04 -
Implementation + Audit

We need an ISMS soon. We need end-to-end assistance to meet our deadline.

Pathway 4: expert ISMS implementation and assurance

Adopting an ISMS brings immediate benefits to your organisation – providing reassurance to customers and partners that data protection is fundamental to the way you do business.

Vital Advisory have extensive experience with helping organisations of all sizes implement an ISMS to govern information security and ensure their business objectives are met. If you need assistance to immediately start your ISMS project, we can provide the expertise to design and construct the processes and documentation for a management system which is embedded in your business systems.

We start with our ISMS training component, so that your staff are fully versed in the requirements and functioning of an ISO 27001 ISMS.

Next, our consultants work with your nominated officer through each stage of designing, implementing, operationalising and reviewing your ISMS and its associated policies. We focus on knowledge transfer to each stakeholder in your team, to make the ISMS and information security a standard component of how you do business.

At the end of the implementation, we provide an independent audit to provide a comprehensive review of the ISMS and its suitability to achieve business goals. This provides assurance to both senior management and external stakeholders that the ISMS is effective in data protection.

We recommend this Pathway for clients seeking ISO 27001 certification in the shortest timeframe.


Training, including DIY documentation

(1 delegate)

(1 delegate)

(2 delegates)


ISMS Implementation – Core requirements





ISMS Audit









* All pricing in AUD/NZD. Pricing excludes GST or relevant travel related expenses. External certification costs are not included. Vital Advisory can facilitate introductions with reputable certification bodies.

Training backed by experience

Vital Advisory have extensive experience in developing and delivering ISO 27001 projects with organisations of all sizes. Our continuing record is of 100% of clients achieving their certification objectives. Our workshop presenters regularly deliver multi-day training on information security to audiences from business and government. Our workshops are interactive sessions where participants are encouraged to discuss and explore their security challenges.

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If you’d like to discuss how Vital Advisory can assist you with achieving your ISMS goal, please contact Paras Shah on +61 420 978 258 or email paras.shah (at)