About Vital

Best practices simplified. Business value delivered.

As trusted advisers and change agents, Vital Advisory have successfully assisted organisations across Australia and New Zealand to navigate their business, technology and security transformations.

We offer many years experience in information security, risk management, governance, strategic planning, assurance and audit, organisational change, and process improvement.

Purpose and Promise

Our purpose is to:

Use the knowledge, expertise and skills we have acquired through our careers to help:

  • businesses achieve their goals, by providing thought-leading consulting, advisory and training services
  • individuals achieve their career aspirations, by providing them with career guidance, training, mentoring, and coaching

Our promise is to:

Help businesses and individuals achieve their goals, by enabling better outcomes from their information and IT investments:

  • for businesses, by helping them solve challenges with IT governance, information security, IT risk and IT assurance
  • for individuals, by providing them with career guidance, training, mentoring, and coaching

Purpose and Promise drive our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to:

  • be the thought leader for services in IT governance, information security, IT risk and IT assurance
  • disseminate our knowledge among the business and professional communities
  • simplify complex GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) topics and frameworks by offering pragmatic, practical (inside-the-box thinking) and innovative (outside-the-box thinking) services and solutions

Our vision is to:

  • be the knowledge partner of choice to build technology governance, risk and compliance capabilities for business and professionals.

Our Team

Our team of subject experts have decades of experience in information security,  risk management, IT governance, audit and assurance, business continuity, and IT strategic planning. Our consultants are heavily active in security industry professional associations, and continuously update their knowledge and credentials to remain effective in leading and transferring knowledge in the GRC space. Find out more about the Vital Advisory Team.

Our Services

Vital Advisory offer a range of consultancy and as-a-service offerings which assist clients with information security, risk management, IT and security assurance, IT governance, security capabilities, and IT strategic planning. We have assisted many clients to achieve their business objectives by achieving certification in international risk, security and quality standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. We focus on achieving real change for your organisation, not tick-a-box solutions.

For further information see: ISO 27001 Pathways, CPS 234 Training & Advisory, Information Security Awareness, Right Fit for Risk, Technology Risk Advisory and Technology Assurance.

Key Strengths

Trusted Advisors

We have many years experience in technology governance, risk management, information / cyber security, assurance, strategic planning, and organisational change enablement.

Thought Leaders

Our people are active contributors to peak industry bodies at international, regional and local levels. We stay ahead of the latest knowledge, trends and changes that could impact your business.

Change Agents

We build a clear vision of your operations by building trust across all business levels, and then asking tough questions. We lead by example, and present each stakeholder with clear, actionable practices which they can make part of standard business.

Subject Matter Experts

Our expertise is in global frameworks and standards for information security, risk management, quality management and privacy, across wide range of industries. We deliver business value using pragmatic and contemporary best practices.