Join thought leaders in IT Governance, Risk and Cybersecurity

Canada and USA - 2024

Vital Advisory (Australia) is proud to organise our TechRisk Management Meetup around the world to build a community of leading-edge practitioners in key business, IT, privacy and security spaces.

USA and Canada
Wed, April 17th 2024

EDT 3:00 to 5:00 pm
PDT 12:00 to 2:00 pm

Free event, Limited seats

Why this meetup?

This journey started with a research project Paras Shah led in late 2012 on behalf of the ISACA Sydney Chapter, in partnership with the ISACA Melbourne Chapter. The insights gathered during this project were published in the White Paper IT Risk Management: Drivers, Challenges and Enablers for Australian Organisations.  Over a decade has passed, and most of these drivers and challenges remain.

Right through the COVID lockdowns, Vital Advisory has observed consistently growing requirements for managing TechRisks (IT Risks) across a diverse range of organisations (small to large).

We have seen a growing demand across multiple industry sectors to manage TechRisks in a structured way. Vital Advisory has seized this opportunity to build and improve the knowledge and contemporary best practices in managing the TechRisk Management capabilities for organisations worldwide.

Vital Advisory is looking for passionate Enterprise and IT Governance, Risk Management, Assurance and Cybersecurity professionals who would like to be part of an emerging community of thought leaders with a mission to help organisations in simplifying their complex GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) topics and frameworks by offering pragmatic, practical (inside-the-box thinking) and innovative (outside-the-box thinking) services and solutions.


If you’d like to discuss our TechRisk Meet-ups, please contact Vaishali Shah on +61 410 379 407.