TechRisk Management - Lead Implementer

Interactive risk training and certification for all experience levels

While information technology is a fundamental enabler for any organisation in the 21st century, the accompanying opportunities and challenges require a structured approach to managing TechRisks to optimise investments.

To meet these challenges, Vital Advisory present a training workshop, helping staff across your organisation to understand technology opportunity and risk management capabilities; and how to develop and continually improve them for your technology landscape.

Invest in managing your technology opportunities and risks efficiently

Atlanta, US
5 – 8 Aug 2024
Exam 9 Aug

Sydney, AU
11 – 14 Nov 2024
Exam 15 Nov

Successful organisations and professionals differentiate themselves by focusing on positive risk (opportunities or strategic/operational planning) management with an equal level of importance as managing negative risks (issues and challenges).

With no single internationally accepted best practice to guide implementation of a TechRisk Management Framework, most Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) professionals have relied on disparate frameworks for IT Governance or Information / Cyber Security to anchor their TechRisk management capability implementation. This often results in organisations having moderate to limited success in achieving their business objectives or securing the benefits of their technology capabilities.

Vital Advisory’s TechRisk Management Lead Implementer training is designed to assist:

+ Organisations in approaching their TechRisk management capability implementation in a holistic manner, and to optimise opportunities and risks associated with technology investments
+ Professionals, whether internal or external to an organisation, to expand their knowledge and skills in the TechRisk governance and management discipline
+ Consulting or professional services firms to identify new value-added service opportunities for their ISO management system certification clients

Key benefits and outcomes

+ Understanding the key concepts and principles in TechRisk Management
+ Articulating drivers and benefits for implementing TechRisk Governance and Management capabilities
+ Preparing the business case for implementing TechRisk Management Framework
+ Learning about design and implementation factors that impact a TechRisk Management Framework and TechRisk Management Operating Model
+ Learning the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a TechRisk Management Framework
+ Acquiring the necessary expertise to support implementation of an integrated and end-to-end TechRisk Management Framework for an organisation
+ Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills required to advise organisations on best practices in the management of TechRisks.

The course includes a Lead Implementer Certification exam, which allows successful participants to demonstrate to managers and employers that they have both the understanding and ability to apply the TechRisk methodologies covered in the course.

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to anyone who wants to play a pivotal role in ensuring that an organisation can implement, maintain, and continually improve their TechRisk Management Capabilities, either as a specialised domain/discipline or as a holistic TechRisk Management Framework. This includes:

+ Enterprise and IT Risk professionals responsible for managing TechRisk
+ Internal champions and advisors involved in IT and TechRisk management
+ IT Governance and Assurance professionals
+ IT executives and leaders
+ Professional services consultants and advisors
+ Anyone intending to pursue a career in TechRisk Management

+ You should have previously attended our TechRisk Management Foundation course
+ Alternatively, you should hold a Certification in IT Risk Management (e.g., CRISC)
+ You should have a basic knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management principles and terminology
+ Familiarity with IT governance frameworks (such as COBIT, ITIL) as well as TechRisk related ISO standards (such as ISO27001, ISO2000, and ISO22301) is highly recommended

Course Content

  • + Fundamental principles of TechRisk Management
    + TechRisk Management as an outcome
    + TechRisk Management as a role, function, or organisational department
    + TechRisk Management as a set of activities
    + TechRisk Management as a business enabler
    + Popular best practices and frameworks for TechRisk Management

  • + Understanding the organisation and its context for TechRisk Management
    + Articulating drivers and benefits of a TechRisk Management Framework (TRMF) implementation
    + Understanding the difference between TechRisk Management processes and TechRisk Management Function
    + Initiating a TRMF project (based on a capability assessment / gap analysis)
    + Developing the business case, including definition of the scope and coverage for the TRMF implementation
    + Designing and implementing TechRisk Management Framework (TRMF) using a lifecycle-based approach

    • Defining TechRisk governance, including leadership and commitment
    • Determining responsibility for TechRisk management roles and activities
    • Defining and socialising TechRisk Appetite
    • Defining the approach and methodology for TechRisk Assessment and Treatment

    + Do’s and Don’ts of a TRMF implementation and maintenance

  • + Identifying TechRisks using Top-Down and PARI One-pagers™ methodologies
    + Alignment with the Enterprise Risk Management approach and practices
    + Explore GRC automation possibilities, including TechRisk recording and reporting
    + Explore risk quantification drivers and approaches
    + Creating an inventory of TechRisk Classification and Categories
    + Defining and building the appropriate risk culture

  • + Understanding Technology Capability Framework / IT Operating Models
    + Leveraging Technology or IT capabilities for effectively managing TechRisks, including

    • Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
    • Data Governance / Information Lifecycle Management
    • Innovation and Emerging Technology Enhancements
    • Project Management
    • IT Operations and Service Management
    • Organisational Change Enablement

    + Determining and addressing potential dependencies and integration with broader technology governance, compliance, and assurance requirements including Cyber Security, Privacy, Incident and Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Vendor Governance / Assurance, Due diligence

  • + Monitoring and communicating risk profile through performance evaluation, KPI’s and KRI’s
    + Build-Your-Own Capability maturity model for TRMF improvement
    + Risk process improvement

  • + 2.5 hours paper-based open book exam
    + A combination of multiple-choice, short answer, and essay type questions
    + 60%+ score to pass

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Training backed by experience

Our trainers have extensive experience in developing and delivering TechRisk Management capabilities with organisations of all sizes. They will facilitate interactive sessions during this training where participants are encouraged to discuss and explore their TechRisk management challenges and build potential solutions.

Our Trainers:


If you’d like to discuss our TechRisk Management Lead Implementer training, please contact Vaishali Shah on +61 410 379 407‬.