Technology Assurance

Ensure that your technology capabilities support your goals

Success in business requires a clear vision on whether IT infrastructure, security capabilities and service providers are achieving business objectives or are failing to meet performance and compliance targets.

Vital Advisory offer a tailored Technology Assurance service and consultancy to provide you with focused or ongoing support to effectively establish and operate IT assurance processes.

Understanding your true position is the first step to improving it

Framing the right questions

Organisations struggle to manage day-to-day business operations, especially in an era of technology disruptions and innovations. Add to this an increased dependency on technology service providers and the pressure of a myriad of legal and regulatory obligations. How does an organisation respond to the questions Boards and business leaders increasingly want answers to: 

Is our business is on track to achieve its goals?

Is our team focused on what’s key for our success?

How secure is our network?

Is our change management effective?

Is our business is on track to achieve its goals?

Is our team focused on what’s key for our success?

Can our business be more efficient or effective?

Are we managing legal obligations?

Few organisations today can afford to have an in-house specialised technology assurance capability that can answer these questions, and can translate technical information into language business leaders can understand.

Engagement options

Our technology assurance service is offered both as an ongoing service and as a scope-specific engagement, allowing you to select the right-size solution for your risk strategy.

Our Technology Assurance Service Portfolio

Examples of IT Audit

+ IT General Controls (ITGC) review
+ IT systems, applications and process audit
+ IT physical and environmental security audit
+ User access audit
+ Information and cyber security review
+ Vendor management and governance
+ Technology governance
+ IT asset management
+ Mobile device management audit
+ Business continuity and disaster recovery audit
+ Identity and access management
+ Security incident management and response
+ IT portfolio and project management
+ IT operations and service management
+ IT change management
+ IT training and security awareness
+ Data governance
+ Cloud security audit

Compliance Audits

+ ISO internal audits: ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 27701
+ Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
+ APRA Compliance (e.g. CPS231, CPS234)
+ Privacy act assessment, including Mandatory Notification Data Breach readiness
+ AusPayNet PIN audit
+ NSW DISP (Digtial Information Security Policy)
+ Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF) assessment

Specialist Audits

+ Penetration test
+ Social engineering tests
+ Emerging technology review
+ Auditing agile systems development
+ Merger and acquisition due diligence
+ Network security and technical assessment
+ Business intelligence and data analytics
+ ICS/SCADA audit
+ NIST cybersecurity framework audit
+ IRAP assessment
+ Fraud and ethics review
+ Data centre audit
+ WiFi security assessment
+ Organisation culture assessment
+ Technology Innovation management audit

Vital Advisory’s Technology Assurance-as-a-Service

Structure and streamline your approach to assurance

Technology Assurance-as-a-Services Benefits

Vital Advisory’s Assurance-as-a-Service provides you with a full range of offerings: 

  • Get answers to your key questions.   
  • Our services align to your business needs, your budget and your timeframe.   
  • Choose from low cost single-audit approaches through to full risk and assurance services.   
  • Our solutions fit organisations from large to small, public and private.   
  • We don’t walk away leaving you to manage the improvement cycle – we can help you track improvements from identification to operation, measurement and closure.   
  • We are skilled at advising business leadership – whether it’s your Chief Audit Executive, your senior business leaders, your Audit and Risk Committee, or your Board of Directors 

Technology Assurance Lifecycle

  • Establish assurance function: setting up the audit charter and defining responsibilities, authorities and reporting  
  • Assurance program development: prioritising assurance activities, driven by business goals, focussing on optimising risk and opportunity and ensuring key risk areas are being managed. 
  • Assurance project execution: from initiation, planning, fieldwork, analysis, evaluation and reporting  
  • Audit issue tracking: capturing, prioritising, tracking and reporting progress on issue remediations  
  • Decision making: translating issues into business language so that leaders can make informed risk-based decisions, through participation in IT, security, risk and/or audit leadership forums  

Proven Expertise

Why Vital Advisory?

Vital Advisory provide clients with a team of risk, business and technology professionals with an extensive record of risk and strategy implementations:

  • We are specialists in technology audit and assurance, IT, risk, governance and cyber security.   
  • We understand your business challenges, having worked in a wide range of industries and roles.   
  • We understand the better assurance practices across the globe.   
  • We hold relevant credentials and we are recognised as industry experts in these fields. 


If you’d like to discuss how Vital Advisory can assist you with achieving your Technology Assurance goals, please contact us on +61 420 978 258.