CPS 234
Training & Advisory

Make CPS 234 the driver for your security strategy

Meeting APRA’s CPS 234 obligations has proven challenging to organisations across Australia. Compliance reaches across multiple IT and governance teams and may require fundamental changes to the management of risk and technology.

To help you understand, structure and effectively manage your ongoing CPS 234 compliance Vital Advisory have training and consultancy options which aim not just to tick boxes but to make core improvements to how you govern risk and information security.

CPS 234 Training

Help staff across your organisation understand CPS 234 and how it drives good information security governance

To help you understand your CPS 234 compliance obligations and security methodologies of the standard, Vital Advisory have developed a pair of concise workshops which explain the Information Security and Risk provisions of the standard and how they can be implemented to effect genuine and lasting improvement in your security practice. Workshops are available to be delivered on-premises.

+ Workshop 1 – Introduction to CPS 234
Workshop 1 is a half-day session which clearly explains the structure and elements of CPS 234. Topics covered include:

  • Information Security management and frameworks
  • CPS 234 objectives and key requirements
  • CPS 234 and the ISO27001 standard
  • APRA security and risk-related requirements
  • Implementation planning
  • Assessing Information Security capabilities and gap analysis
  • Prioritising security improvements

+ Workshop 2 – CPS 234 and Information Security Masterclass
We continue with a deep dive into Risk Management and Information Security practices used to build and operate an Information Security Management System (ISMS). We examine how an ISMS is the backbone of CPS 234’s approach to achieving maturity in your data protection strategy. Topics include:

  • Understanding Information Assets
  • Information Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment and Treatment
  • Assessing security capabilities
  • Security Incident Management and Response
  • Security awareness and engagement
  • Verifying Security – monitoring, audit and conformance
  • Ensuring ongoing security improvement
  • Managing supplier security
  • ISO27001 Certification

+ Experienced Trainers
Our trainers have extensive Information Security careers, particularly in the areas of ISO 27001 certification, risk management, security audit and security strategy. They regularly present multi-day courses on security certification standards, such as CISM and CRISC. Our presenters take the time to understand the business concerns of participants and ensure their questions are addressed – our workshops are interactive exchanges, not one-way info-dumps.

CPS 234 Consultancy

Get the assistance you need to implement or assess your CPS 234 project

Vital Advisory have assisted multiple clients in the areas of banking, finance, superannuation and insurance to achieve their CPS 234 objectives. These have ranged from auditing their compliance status to full Information Security Management System implementations.

If you’re unsure of the most effective path to accomplishing your CPS 234 goals, or looking to gain assurance on your compliance position, Vital Advisory have experienced risk and security professionals who can assist, implement or review your CPS 234 initiative.

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If you’d like to discuss how Vital Advisory can assist you with achieving your CPS 234 goals, please contact us on +61 420 978 258.