Information Security Awareness

Awareness initiatives tailored to your audience and needs

Many organisations invest heavily in IT security and risk governance, but struggle to make those systems connect with every strata of the business. The relevance of security and risk management to BAU can often be opaque to frontline workers.

Vital Advisory have extensive experience in designing and presenting training and awareness initiatives which demonstrate to employees at all levels the importance of security and how they are key in achieving security objectives.

Awareness initiatives tailored to your needs

Vital Advisory staff have over three decades of experience in designing and delivering information security training and awareness initiatives to engage audiences from across the government and private sectors.

We can tailor training packs, presentations, workshops, tabletop exercises and more to your specific requirements. Typical awareness initiatives have included:

+ Board presentations on ISO 27001 and the ISMS
+ Tabletop exercises testing Incident Response with the C-Suite, Support Desk and IT Team
+ Security awareness training for all staff
+Awareness and testing of Business Continuity Plans

We bring our experience and expertise from delivering and maintaining many real world security implementations, for organisations of all sizes and industry sectors.

If you are looking to fully embed staff as part of security management, or want to ensure compliance obligations around security awareness are fully met, Vital Advisory can work with you to identify the best approach to making security is foremost in the minds of all staff.

Proven Expertise

Why Vital Advisory?

Vital Advisory provide clients with a team of risk, business and technology professionals with an extensive record of risk and strategy implementations:

  • We are specialists in technology audit and assurance, IT, risk, governance and cyber security.   
  • We understand your business challenges, having worked in a wide range of industries and roles.   
  • We understand the better assurance practices across the globe.   
  • We hold relevant credentials and we are recognised as industry experts in these fields. 


If you’d like to discuss how Vital Advisory can assist you with security and risk awareness, please contact us on +61 420 978 258.