Vital Insights

Why should we manage technology risk?

We often get asked by business and organisation leaders why it’s important for them to create a formal structure to manage their technology...

What colour is security?

If you were to choose a colour for Cybersecurity, what colour will you choose? And, why? This trick I have learnt from my...

Resetting common beliefs on IT investment

Taking a structured approach to IT decisions One of the CIOs I have worked with challenged the common belief that finding money for...

People vs FUD

Often behind the technical jargon and FUD around Cybersecurity, we forget about the PEOPLE element in our conversations and thoughts. Be it OptusDataBreach...

ISO 27001 Certification is not a monolithic project

One of the things we focus on when we work with our clients is that their certification isn’t just a bunch of paper.”...

Benefits realisation as a driver for TechRisk Management

“Sell me Technology Risk Management,“ asked Lawrence Puang on our coffee catch up while celebrating‘s achievement of ISO27001 certification. This short opening...

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Realise your risk and cybersecurity objectives

Clients of Vital Advisory typically accomplish a range of enduring business benefits – from a more effective and comprehensive security capabilities to demonstrating regulatory compliance and reduced business overheads.

Partnerships with Vital Advisory can be one-time consultancies or ongoing As-A-Service models.

End-to-End Security Management

Security controls cover the full gamut of relevant risks and are governed and monitored throughout their lifecycle.

Enduring Change

We make sure that our methods and outlook become a fully embedded part of your business.

Simplified Operation

Our risk and cyber implementations are designed to be simple to understand and maintain.


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