ISO 27001 Pathways

Tailored pathways to ISO 27001 certification – get the right skills at the right price

Vital Advisory have extensive experience in helping organisations solve their information security management challenges. We know that each organisation has its own unique challenges with building their path to ISO 27001 certification.

Our Pathways service packages allow you to select the right mix of advice, implementation and review to match your skills, timelines and budget.

Training, advice, implementation, audit: select the mix you need

Pathways - tailor our ISO 27001 services to your needs

With Vital Advisory’s Pathways packages, we tailor ISO 27001 services to suit your needs and budget, from full implementation (where you engage us to design, develop and build your ISMS with you), through to advisory (where you engage us purely to advise in areas where you need help), to our DIY approach (where you do the work, guided by our training series and documentation toolkit). Pathways offer multiple blends of these approaches – so you can find exactly the support you need with up-front, transparent pricing.

To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your Information Security Management System (ISMS), Vital Advisory also offer ISMS-as-a-Service to help you maintain and continually improve your security posture.

Use the links below to learn more about the Pathways packages and see complete service and costing details.

Pathways - Service Levels

Each organisation faces its own unique challenges in constructing a successful Information Security Management System (ISMS). Paths to ISO 27001 certification will differ, depending upon in-house skills, knowledge of the standard, and resourcing. As one size does not fit all, Vital Advisory have developed a collection of fixed-price packages which cater for exactly where you are in your ISMS journey.

Step-1: Size your organisation

Packages are scaled to organisation size. Find which package is applicable to you:


Technology Companies

Innovators / Start-Ups, up to 15 staff

Challengers, up to 50 staff

Scale-ups, up to 90 staff

90+ staff




Sml – Med Government Agency


IT Team Size

Up to 10

10 to 20

20 to 50


Step-2: Find your Pathway

ISMS Pathways are packaged according to where you’ve reached in your ISMS project. Pathways include mixes of training, implementation advisory and ISMS audit which support your capabilities, resourcing and timelines.

Please select the links below for more details and pricing:

Pathway Service Packages


Pathway 1: Training

Complete end-to-end ISMS training course which helps you understand the full process of developing an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS.


Pathway 2: Training + Advisory

Our complete ISMS training course develops your in-house skills to build your ISMS in-house. The advisory component provides additional expert advice to ensure your ISMS project is on the right course to achieve its desired outcomes.


Pathway 3: Training + Advisory + Audit

Training and advisory provide you with the tools to develop your ISMS in-house. Audit gives you confidence that your project is ISO 27001 compliant and ready to seek certification.


Pathway 4: Training + Implementation + Audit

If you lack resources in-house, or are on a tight deadline, this Pathway provides you with a complete custom-built ISO 27001 ISMS from our Information Security experts. The audit function gives you confidence that the delivered ISMS is ready for certification.


Pathway 4: Train + Implement + Policy + Audit

This Pathway provides you with end-to-end support to build an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS, implemented and audited by experts. Training supports your in-house skills to manage and improve your ISMS into the future. The security policy and controls documentation package ensures you have a complete, mandatory, documentation suite tailored to your security posture.

What our clients have to say about our ISO 27001 implementations

Major Legal Firm

It was a pleasure working with Vital Advisory. They brought onboard the wealth of knowledge and experience and helped us navigate through ISO27001 requirements and in achieving the certification.

Some of the key differentiators we saw in Vital Advisory compared to other vendors were:
+ Wealth of knowledge in governance, risk and compliance and experience in implementing them
Focus on value of certification (why is it required, what is the best value for money)
Focus on Org strategy rather than treating ISO27001 as a checkbox activity
A constant focus on user education and not just ticking the box for audit purposes
Flexibility i.e. we were able to ask questions and not fear of being charged for every interaction or a slight deviation from original SoW which helped us gain more value from engagement.

Major Mining Technology Company

I engaged Vital Advisory to help us with accelerating the ISO27001 certification process. I found the methodology developed by Vital Advisory to capture the required information under the mandatory clauses novel and extremely easy to use. Everybody I dealt with at Vital Advisory was professional and good at what they do.

With Vital Advisory’s help, I was able to halve the time I would have otherwise spent on preparing for the certification. We were certified under the ISO27001 standard in 2020 in the first attempt and I can whole heartedly recommend Vital Advisory for anyone looking for help in this space.

Major Marketing Firm

Vital Advisory were with us from the start and brought us through the entire process. We decided to get ISO 27001 certification to ensure the quality of our information security.

Vital Advisory delivered a service that was exceptional and indeed enabled us to deal with BAU at times and worked around us when required. Not only did we receive our certification, we also made the date earlier than expected. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vital Advisory.

Major Health Insurer

Vital Advisory has provided  us with outstanding services, they not only helped us achieve our ISO27001:2013 Certification with a clean report (no findings) but also ensured that our staff are well trained and Vital are always available to provide guidance and support. I would highly recommend their services.


If you’d like to discuss how Vital Advisory can assist you with achieving your ISMS goal, please contact Paras Shah on +61 420 978 258 or email paras.shah (at)