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Benefits realisation as a driver for TechRisk Management

Benefits realisation as a driver for TechRisk Management 1800 1080 Paras Shah

Why Manage Technology Risk 3

“Sell me Technology Risk Management,“ asked Lawrence Puang on our coffee catch up while celebrating‘s achievement of ISO27001 certification.

This short opening statement led to a long and very interesting conversation about effective business management as a whole.

I am a longtime believer that when it comes to Technology Risk Management, Cybersecurity is just the beginning. I was offering my advice on what the next three year’s continual improvement journey would look like for the TalentFirst AI team as they power through their growth in the near to medium term, one which promises to be very exciting for everyone involved.

We discussed challenges all organisations face, whether they were start-ups or  scale-ups, small or large, for profit and not for profits. And especially how to encourage the organisational leaders, business or technology, to invest in their Technology Risk Management capabilities as a strategic business enabler. 
That conversation was certainly an inspiration behind this video. Lawrence was also very kind to share with me his wisdom on this very important topic. Thanks mate!

Technology Governance, Technology Risk Management, and Technology Assurance are often perceived as dry and complex topics. They’re anything but.

I have tried using a simple analogy to justify why organisations must invest in their Technology Risk Management capabilities.