Integrated Information Management System Foundation Training

Understand the critical fundamentals of Information Management Systems

International standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, provide organisations with confidence that operations in information security, privacy and IT management are effective in achieving business objectives. However, adopting additional systems can quickly challenge any organisation with unanticipated complexities and overheads. By integrating your information management systems, you can ensure that standards you support operate in harmony and minimise the cost to business.

Invest in your capabilities

Vital Advisory’s two day Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) Foundation training – delivered online – will introduce you to the key concepts in information management systems and how to link and coordinate them to:

+ ensure effectiveness
+ minimise costs and effort
+ support essential compliance actions
+ mature and continually improve your management systems

Although aimed at Foundational level, the course includes methods and insights which will reward experienced risk, assurance, and compliance professionals as well.

The course includes a Foundation Certificate exam.

+ Sessions are delivered online
+ Course: AA & BB CCC, 2023

Key benefits and outcomes

+ Understand the overheads, duplications and fail-points of common multi-standard approaches
+ Learn the structure and cyclical approach of an IMS
+ Understand the core commonalities of IMSs
+ Identify and support key compliance, documentation and control requirements
+ Understand using an abstraction layer to simplify system structure
+ Gain a high-level understanding of how to plan, implement and maintain an IMS
+ Prepare for the next level of implementation training

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to business or IT executives, as well as their team members. No previous experience with information management systems (IMS) is required. 

If you have any responsibilities relating to maintaining or running an IMS, or if you are just exploring best practices for operating multiple management standards, this training is for you. 

For professionals with cybersecurity, risk management, assurance, compliance or project management responsibilities, this course will provide a strong foundation to pursue advanced training (IIMS Lead Implementer) or related training options (ISO 27001 Foundation, Tech Risk Foundation or Tech Risk Implementer).

Typical attendees includes:
+ IMS process and risk champions
+ Business leaders and executives
+ IT team members
+ Cybersecurity, technology risk or assurance professionals
+ Enterprise risk, audit, or compliance professionals
+ Anyone intending to pursue a career in Information System Management

Course Content

Course Schedule

+ Sessions are delivered online
+ Course: XX & YY ZZZ, 2023.
+ Sessions delivered from
9.00-17.00 AEST/AEDST.

  • + Fundamental management system concepts and principles
    + Typical approaches to developing IMS Frameworks, including ISO27001 and ISO27701
    + Considering other standards (CPS 234, VPDSF, etc.)
    + The benefits of adopting additional standards
    + Common inefficiencies and complexities when operating multiple IMSs
    + Introduction to an IIMS
    + How an IIMS addresses common management system issues
    + How an IIMS supports business objectives

  • + Implementing an Abstraction Layer Framework
    + Understanding system controls and Implementing a Capabilities Framework Model
    + The Plan-Do-Check-Act lifecycle of an management system implementation and maintenance
    + Understanding and documenting the organisation and its context
    + Understanding risks, opportunities, and objectives
    + Providing governance, support and resources across multiple systems
    + Understanding performance evaluation
    + Continual improvement in a multi-IMS environment

  • + Initiating an IIMS project (capability assessment, gap analysis, bottleneck analysis)
    + High-level processes for implementing an IIMS
    + Applying a Maturity Level Model
    + To get certified or not (drivers for and benefits of multiple certifications)
    + Maintaining multiple certifications (from initial achievement, on-going maintenance to retaining certification)
    + Do’s and Don’ts of an IIMS implementation and maintenance
    + Preparing for audit in an IIMS environment

  • + 50-minute duration
    + 50 Multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    + 60%+ score to pass (i.e., 30 or more correct answers required to pass from 50 available MCQ)
    + Paper-based closed book exam

For bookings or further information, call our Registration Desk on +61 410 379 407.

Training backed by experience

Our trainers have extensive experience in developing and auditing Information Management Systems with organisations of all sizes. They will facilitate interactive sessions during this training where participants are encouraged to discuss and explore their security management challenges and build potential solutions.

Our Trainers:


If you’d like to discuss our IIMS Foundation training, please contact Paras Shah on +61 420 978 258. For bookings, please contact our registration desk on +61 410 379 407‬.